Hardwood Floor Sanding

Hardwood floors can beautify any home, making it both warm and cozy. However, hardwood floors are not indestructible and need to be refinished occasionally. Constant and heavy use will eventually start to abrade the top coat producing fine, micro scratches. These will eventually make the patches become quite dull and obvious in need of something. If left too long, the finish will be broken allowing moisture - quite literally - to make its mark. The reasons for avoiding major work hardwood floor refinishing should be obvious, when only a minor rejuvenation is needed.

Floor finish that is left too long will eventually result in damage that exposes bare wood. High traffic areas such as in entrances, halls, and kitchen areas are particularly prone to excessive wear. When the finish is broken the floor must be refinished completely which involves sanding down to bare wood in all areas and then recoating with a high grade finish.

When your floors start to lose their shine, and well before they wear down to the bare wood, you should call a specialist. He will assess your floor surface to determine if its even possible to light sand and recoat instead of a “hard” sanding. This means removing all the previous finish exposing all of the bare wood. If it is possible to recoat the existing finish, the existing finish must be lightly sanded in order to adhere properly to the existing finish.

Rather than resanding and refinishing bare wood, it makes much more sense to have work done at this prior stage, as it will be much lower cost, less inconvenience and can even be done with same day results.

The whole process of recoating first involves a light sanding including hand sanding around the baseboards and “screening” or lightly sanding the entire general surface. Care is taken to minimize the dust produced. The floor would then be cleaned, vacuumed and if there are any larger remaining gaps in between floorboards, spot-filled before recoating. Usually only one coat of high traffic finish is required to produce a high quality look.

The products that professional floor refinishers use produces a finish that the recoat is usually just as good as the original finish. However, there is always a chance that the cleaning products a homeowner might use might contribute to contaminating the base finish. Unapproved home cleaning products might contain contaminating substances such as solvents and oils that produce off gas and might cause poor adhesion of a new finish. It is always advisable to maintain your floors with only manufacturer's recommended products, specifically designed for new water based coatings.

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