Hardwood floors don’t have to be intimidating.

We've stripped all of the jargon, all of the nonsense, and you're left with a service you can understand and trust. ACTIVE has been the number one go-to company for over 30 years and proves itself time and time again. We specialize in residential and commercial work, and we value your whole experience: from simple installation or repair to sanding and refinishing existing floors. We make sure you gain every step of the way through speed, accuracy and quality, leaving you with a beautiful finished product.


As a reputable company on the island for decades, we've decided to strip down to the basics and offer a service that is more efficient than ever before. We don't want you to feel intimidated by the next big step in your renovation or construction plans. ACTIVE flooring will do all the dirty work, from removal and recycling of existing materials to refinishing, staining and final touches, so all you have to do is the happy dance! You also benefit from our volume discounts; the more work you get done, the less you have to pay. Make your home look new, elegant, beautiful -- and feel as rich as ever.

We have professionals ready to help, and we provide a range of services: Free estimates, consultations, installation, dustless sanding, refinishing, existing floor removal, recycling, and more. We understand the increasing demand for dustless sanding, so this is now the only method we use. We also focus on waste management and using sustainable materials, recycling and using eco-friendly products. We no longer use oil-based stains and harmful products, so your home is ready to live in after just a few hours, with no chemical odors and no mess left behind.

Need to know more? Want an estimate? Phone us or email us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. We guarantee same day contact and free estimates.