Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will it be messy?
    We use a dustless system, meaning you get a clean home with no dust.
  • Do I need to remove all of my furniture?
    Yes you do, but we offer removal before the work begins and replacing when it's all done.
  • How long does it take to do the work?
    As an estimate, most homes with an average of 800 square feet take about a week to finish.
  • When can we start walking on the floor after the last coat of varnish?
    Water-based is about 4 hours, and oil-based is about 24 hours.
  • When can we start moving our furniture back after the last coat of varnish?
    With a water-based product, the next day, but be careful for a week while it cures. Oil-based, wait 48 hours and be very careful for the next 30 days while it cures.
  • Will the gaps be filled if you refinish our old hardwood floors?
    Yes they will. We fill all gaps with a trowel between sandings to ensure everything is covered.
  • Are you a member of BBB?
  • What kind of floors do we have?
    Most of the time, we find Oak, Fir or Maple in your home.
  • What kind of finish can I choose from?
    It comes in 3 different levels of shine: Satin, Semi-gloss, and Gloss.
  • Do I need to give you a deposit?
    A 50% deposit is required at time of booking.
  • Do we need to remove our baseboards?
    For a site finish, we can manage with the baseboards on. With a pre-finished floor, the baseboards do need to be removed before we can begin.
  • Is there a strong odor to the finish, and if so, how long does it last?
    Oil-based finishes are very strong. They need a lot of ventilation and a few days to completely air out, but most of the smell should be gone in 24 hours. Water-based products are more like cleaners; the smell dissipates very soon after application.
  • Can we stay in the while you are doing our floors?
    Yes! We are very accommodating and will help make your flooring experience as easy possible. With water-based products, you can sleep in another part of the home the same night, but with oil-based, you must be out of the house.
  • If I have pets, will the finish be strong enough?
    We have a high traffic finish especially for this kind of use, and will keep your floors beautiful even with pet traffic!
  • Is there a finish you recommend for very high traffic areas?
    In these cases, we like to use a commercial high traffic finish.

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